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Have you been at risk?


You may have been at risk of hepatitis C infection if you have ever...

  • Injected drugs in the past or shared drug injecting equipment
  • Received blood products, including tissue or organ transplants, before 1992
  • Been exposed to blood through close household contact with someone who has hepatitis C (e.g. shared toothbrushes etc.)
  • Injected performance or image enhancing drugs
  • Had a tattoo or piercing where equipment is reused without being sterilised
  • Shared straws or other paraphernalia to snort drugs
  • Received medical or dental treatment in countries with poor infection control

Find out your odds

getting tested

Getting tested

Think you’ve been at risk of Hepatitis C infection? Here is why you should get tested.

Testing is easier than ever before: It can be a simple pin-prick test.
Testing is free and confidential.
Hepatitis C can be cured: treatments today mean you have 90% chance of clearing the virus.
Treatment is now easier than ever: interferon is no longer recommended and treatment now consists of all-oral pills, with minimal side effects.

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